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What a sad state of affairs this virus has created for the world. A simple virus, capable of bringing the world to its knees, making people quake in fear, and act irrationally.

I’m talking about shopping.

All the panic buying people launched into a week or so ago – and now the sudden influx of all the online shopping…who was doing all the bulk buying in the stores? Are those same people now busy bulk buying via online shops?

Yesterday, working online, I had a couple of sad questions from elderly people in their 80s, isolated at home, unable for love nor money to get a shopping slot. They can’t be the only ones.

The biggest issue appears to be that those who are still capable of getting out to the shops are choosing not to, and creating a huge strain for online deliveries. If people can get out, they should, so that those that can’t get out, can get some shopping too. It sounds logical and fair, doesn’t it? Until you shove irrationality into the picture.

Because of course, people are frightened – despite the guidance on how to keep themselves safe when outside and amongst others – and as a result of that, even though they COULD go out to get their shopping, they are remaining at home and CHOOSING to shop online.

It’s their right, of course. No one is denying that. After all, we all want to be safe. But we all want to eat too.

So have another think about your actions – do you really need an online shop? Could you possibly nip out to the supermarket to get your own shopping in? Are you preventing someone who can’t get out from obtaining some groceries by your actions?

There’s no point in us staying home to protect the vulnerable, if we’re going to leave the vulnerable at home to starve…is there?

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