What Clients Say

“Your involvement restored my confidence and enabled the children to acheive the best possible outcome. It took another couple of years, two more S7s by the same Cafcass officer, and a 9 day final hearing but the children are now living with me.” AC, London

“I cannot thank you enough, I swear you are a God send and my family think the same, from the bottom of my heart thank you.” AB, London

“I especially wanted to thank you and the team at FAS for your immense support. You were right families often struggle to pay for the legal support they need and I feel that without your advice and support I would have lost my mind. Once again thank you very much; the boys and I will try to rebuild our lives slowly.” NT, Kingston


“Thank you once again for all that you have done.” AM, Herts

“I am so delighted with the help that you gave me with my case. I had been told by my previous solicitor that I had very little chance of achieving the name change I wanted for my child, and you were able to help me get exactly what I asked for. Thank you so much for all your help and support.” SC, West London

“Thank you for everything.” ST, Feltham

“I arrived at court alone and was asked by an usher if I needed support and was directed to the Family Advice Scheme. I was facing an ex parte non molestation order against me, and with your help the court accepted an undertaking instead. I was so relived and grateful for the help and support I received, I can’t thank you enough!” FL, Harrow

“Thank you for all your help, it was lovely to have met you.” VG, Uxbridge

“I am extremely grateful for your kind ways of explaining this S7 report to give me peace of mind for me to be able to sleep tonight. Your help has been invaluable.” BB, Harrow

“I am very pleased she will represent me. I am extremely thankful to you and the team for all your hard work and the support you have offered to me throughout my case.” JV, London