We regularly assist clients with their applications for Child Arrangements Orders (formerly Residence and Contact Orders), Specific Issues Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders.

Each case is different, but will require the applicant to attend a MIAM (mediation information and assessment meeting), which is a requirement prior to making an application to the court.  There are some exemptions to the requirement to undertake a MIAM, but in general most people will have to attend one and obtain a signature from the mediator on their court application form.

There are various other considerations to be made prior to making an application to the court, for example whether the applicant requires the court’s permission.  We can assist clients through the process of making their application and provide advice and guidance on the best route for their specific circumstances.  The same route is not always the best route for all and therefore it is wise to consider obtaining initial advice.

Once the application has been submitted to the court it will go through what is known as gatekeeping where it will be considered by a judge and or legal adviser who will allocate the case to a judge or to the magistrates.  A copy of the application will also be sent to CAFCASS and a hearing will be set around 6 weeks from the application date for what is known as the FHDRA – first hearing dispute resolution appointment.

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The most common applications are for: