Those wishing to file for divorce will need to issue a petition and resolve issues such as finances, property and children.

Starting the process is relatively easy, and many people feel that they can complete the paperwork themselves, but others feel they need advice and guidance and we can help with that.

We offer fixed fee options for divorce and dissolution matters:

Undefended Petition/Response* – £880, includes:

  • Up to 3 hours face to face, or via email or phone, consultations to discuss the divorce, initial financial and children matters
  • Completion of the D8 petition or response (you will be required to bring all relevant documents, e.g. marriage certificate, plus translation where necessary)
  • Follow up queries from the court where necessary
  • VAT where applicable

* This fee does not include:

  • Court fees – you will remain responsible for all disbursements
  • Negotiating finances
  • Bailiff fees for personal service of petition
  • Difficulties in serving the respondent
  • Attendance at court

If your divorce matter is likely to be defended, the above fixed fees will still apply for the work stated, but any additional work will be carried out via an hourly rate. Counsel can be instructed where required.

Contact us to book an initial consultation.