Lockdown…Locked Up

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Just because the country is in lockdown to keep us all as safe as possible from Covid-19, does not mean that everyone in lockdown is safe. This isn’t another thread about Covid-19, it’s a thread about domestic abuse, and what you can do if you think someone you care about or know is suffering within […]


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What a sad state of affairs this virus has created for the world. A simple virus, capable of bringing the world to its knees, making people quake in fear, and act irrationally. I’m talking about shopping. All the panic buying people launched into a week or so ago – and now the sudden influx of […]

‘Do I need a Lawyer?’

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Do I need a lawyer? Well, that’s a question and a half. The answer really has to be: it depends. You see, you’re obviously in court over arrangements for your children, or another domestic issue, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, and that means that there is a disagreement that you and your partner or […]

“It’s just a quick question”

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As lawyers we are faced with the above query on a very regular basis from people who believe that an answer to their legal query can be given to them ‘just like that’. Nine times out of 10, it’s just not possible to give an off the cuff answer.  It’s not because we don’t want […]


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‘Custody’ Common parlance There isn’t a legal term of custody in relation to children anymore. In fact, there hasn’t been for a very significant number of years, yet we regularly have parents in the 20-35 age group using the term as if it were common parlance. Well, it is. Common parlance that is. But it’s […]

That’s not the question she should be asking!

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I noticed an article about a ‘mother’ who was posting to popular forum, Mumsnet, for advice from her peers on her situation with her partner, who seemed to be expecting her to pay for his child’s school fees.  The original post and it’s many, many responses is here: https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/2987152-To-think-DP-is-cheeky-to-ask-me-to-pay-for-his-DDs-private-schooling I haven’t read all the responses, […]

Pro Bono Assistance

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We are fully committed to providing pro bono assistance where we can to those who cannot afford legal advice, guidance or representation. In fact, we became an alternative business structure in order to be able to bring our pro bono schemes in house. Of course, not all our work is pro bono – we’re not […]