We do our utmost to keep things simple and clear for you and will not over-complicate your matter with irrelevancies. We will be straightforward about your case and your prospects of success and will advise you where we think the cost outweighs the gain. It is our job to be objective on your behalf when you are faced with issues that are subjective to you. We’ll tell you the truth.

We offer pro bono duty services at two courts, namely the West London Family Court and the Willesden County Court on specific days of the week, where anyone who has not had assistance or advice from us  in the past, and who has a hearing on the day they wish to see us, can access our help on the day.

We regularly provide up to 1300 hours or pro bono work each year.  We remain committed to pro bono work and will continue to offer such services where we can.

The Team

Michael Polak, Barrister, COLP, Director No.53 Legal Limited

Lea Christiaanson, Director, COFA, No.53 Legal Limited

Consultant Solicitors:

  • TBC


  • Cassandra Thompson
  • Elyon Appoh
  • Joanna Smith
  • Matina Damaj