Costs & Funding

We will frequently offer an overview assessment of your chances of success in your proposed litigation, but where necessary may require the opinion of counsel to assess the merits of the case – this is typically not a factor for family law issues, but can be a factor in housing issues, particularly in relation to judicial review.

We provide fixed fee options for virtually all the work that we carry out, including urgent matters.  Most of our clients like the fixed fee option as it gives them certainty as to what we will do for a specified fee.

We do not offer fixed fee options for divorce financial matters – this is because it is extremely difficult to accurately estimate the amount of time such a case may take to settle.  We do, however, offer unbundled services, so if there is a specific element of work that you wish us to undertake, e.g. checking your Form E, assisting with drafting questionnaires on Form E, and so forth, we are very likely to be able to offer fixed fee options for those elements.

Where matters are more complex and it is not possible to offer a fixed fee option, we can undertake work at our standard hourly rates or on an unbundled services basis.

During our initial consultation with you we will be able to determine whether or not a fixed fee option is likely to be applicable in your case.  If it is, you will be sent a detailed breakdown of the work we anticipate is required in your case alongside the fixed fee option. If you accept the fixed fee option, it becomes what is known as an agreed fee and the cost for the work detailed will not change.

Agreed fees are payable in advance of the work beginning and will not increase or decrease if the work takes more or less time than quoted.  If a client instructs us in work that is not contained within the agreed fee option, it will be billed for separately, or undertaken under a further agreed fee option.

We also offer standard hourly rate charges for those who wish to gain advice or assistance on specific elements of the work in their cases.

We do not provide legal aid, but do offer some pro bono assistance. See the relevant links on the menu for further information.

We do not provide conditional fee agreements (no win no fee).

If you require further assistance, please contact us.