Non Molestation

If you are suffering harassment, molestation, threats, assault or any form of abuse from someone who is associated to you and or to any relevant child, you can apply for a non molestation order (NMO).

NMO applications are made on FL401, and there is no application fee, so anyone wishing to apply for one will be able to do so for free.  However, it is important to ensure that you provide the court with a full and detailed statement containing examples of the behaviour you are complaining about.

You may be entitled to legal aid if you have evidence of the abuse you have suffered, and if so, you should seek the assistance of a solicitor who can apply for legal aid for you – search for one here:

If you are not entitled to legal aid, then we can assist using fixed fee options.

The court will consider the circumstances behind the application, including the need to secure the health, safety and well being of the applicant and of any relevant child, and will make a decision based on the information before it.  In urgent cases, this decision will be made ‘ex parte’, which means that the respondent will not have been informed of the hearing. In such cases, a further hearing will be set so that the respondent can have his or her say in response to the application.

If you are either an applicant or a respondent, we can assist.  Please contact us for further information.